If you’ve bought a condo recently, you’ve likely been persuaded by a marketing campaign that was inspired by Riz Dhanji

There’s always an aura of excitement hanging around Riz Dhanji, the man who single-handedly has redefined the way condominiums are marketed in this city.

Thanks to Dhanji’s power of persuasion, many people have bought downtown condos and, as vice-president of sales and marketing for Canderel Stoneridge Equity Group – developer of the 75-storey Aura at College Park project – he’s hoping many others are listening to his latest sales pitch.

It’s hard not to.

Dhanji, the winner of two BILD (Building, Industry and Land Development Association) marketing awards, learned his craft in Vancouver, one of the toughest condominium markets in the world, after studying Urban Land Economics at the University of British Columbia.

He also worked in Hong Kong, the capital of the real estate world, for Vigers International and if you can make it there…

“I’m probably one of the few South Asians in Toronto who can speak Chinese,” says Dhanji, who learned the language while working in Hong Kong and found it useful when, in 1997, many Hong Kong residents moved to Vancouver, where Dhanji was working at the time, prior to the former British colony’s handover to China.

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