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Not all sectors are performing poorly in the great recession. “The high-tech sector is exploding with creativity,” writes Reed Construction Data Chief Economist Alex Carrick in his latest blog post.

But this won’t be a potential dot.com-bust kind of scenario, Carrick says.

“The changes that are coming flow out of technology that is well established and many of the biggest and most well-known companies are involved.”

Carrick looks at how retail is being completely altered by the Internet, with companies such as Netflix, Apple (iTunes/iPod), Amazon, eBay and craigslist leading the charge.

He also notes how social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) have grown into business promotional and information-sharing sites, as well as job-search sites.

Read the full article “Never mind the recession — it’s an exciting world in high-tech” here (Daily Commercial and Construction Record).

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