There aren’t many women who build homes, but those who do say they are perfectly suited to the task

(Source: The Star)

Silver is among a very small number of female builders operating in the Greater Toronto Area. Stephen Dupuis, CEO of the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD), which represents 1,450 homebuilders and developers in the GTA, confirms the fact.

Only three out of the 32-member BILD board of directors are women, Dupuis says. “Our board typically is made up of company principals. Fewer principals are women.”

Dupuis surmises that the large capital risk may deter women from becoming builders. “It probably appears more intimidating than it is.”

Condominium builder Julie Di Lorenzo insists that it’s not the financial risk that keeps female entrepreneurs out of construction. “They have avoided the building industry because there’s a perception that this industry is a man’s world.”


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