You’ve probably read the posts about Google’s move to make searching real estate via Google Maps slightly less obscure. This morning you read about the announcement of Chrome OS, which looks to many like the stone that just might hit Microsoft right between the eyes.

These two announcements underscore something I have long believed about Google: That like AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo! before it they will never truly disrupt the real estate industry, or reconcile its incongruities, with an industry-specific play. But Google is, and will continue to be, the single biggest outside driver of technology innovation for real estate brokers and agents.

Why real estate shouldn’t worry about Google
As Greg Sterling and Michael Wurzer have pointed out, the “enhancement” made to real estate search on Google is either incremental or trivial depending on how you look at it.
From an end-user standpoint there’s nothing here that can’t be done more easily on a hundred real estate specific search sites.
Second, Google may be a leviathan, but it is not a senseless beast. If the company ever did build a fully realized real estate property and backed it with serious distribution muscle they would risk innumerable partnerships in our industry tied to the Google Maps API or deals to send listings to Google Base as it exists today.

Read the full article by Brian Boero, “Google may kill Microsoft, but it won’t kill real estate” on the 1000 Watt Blog (July 8th, 2009).

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