Recession fallout: Abandoned swimming pools lure children, breed disease

(Source: MSNBC)

The abandoned homes proliferating in neighborhoods across the country are more than one of the most glaring signs of the continuing recession. In addition to being eyesores, they can also be death traps for curious children.

That is a nightmare that Secrena Erwin lives every day. Last July, her 5-year-old daughter, Sheyenne Jenkins, went out to play in the backyard of their Avon, Ind., home while her grandparents were baby-sitting her.

But instead of staying in her yard, Sheyenne wandered into the adjoining property — an abandoned, foreclosed home with a backyard pool. The pool was still filled with water. It had a pool cover, but with no one to tend it, the cover had sagged beneath the surface of the pool water over time.

Somehow, Sheyenne fell in. By the time she was found, it was too late.

Read Mike Celizic’s full article “Foreclosed homes’ pools can be death traps” in MSNBC (July 8, 2009).

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