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Spectacular homes, million-dollar views – and the threat of raging forest fires. Why development continues to boom in the Okanagan

It was a quintessential Okanagan summer afternoon. As sunbathers lingered on the beach and boats bobbed in the water, a spectacular mushroom cloud grew in the sky, not unlike the plume that rose after the twin towers collapsed in New York.

The smoke was from the Terrace Mountain fire, which would double in size overnight and will burn for the rest of the summer northwest of Kelowna.

Despite a few oohs and aahs, the Okanagan holiday makers weren’t fazed by the smoke and fire. They went back to their beach towels and summer cocktails.

Canadians have fallen in love with the Kelowna region, and they aren’t about to let a little smoke and fire dissuade them from buying homes and condos and vineyards in record numbers.

Read the full article by Jan Armstrong “Where the bliss outweighs the risks” in The Globe and Mail (July 25, 2009).

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