July 27, 2009

At BuzzBuzzHome, we are not interior designers; however, we have been to a lot of condos from Toronto to Vancouver to Edinburgh to Tel Aviv and beyond. We know what looks good and what doesn’t! As such, below, we have provided The BuzzBuzzHome Top 10 things required for any condominium.
  1. End Grain Cutting Board: Whether or not you cook doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you have a showpiece in your kitchen. An end-grain cutting board is both functional and beautiful. End-grain cutting boards are characterized by the vertical orientation of their wood fibers, which gives them certain qualities that make them a premium product of choice for professional chefs, and are elegant to look at. Buy one, and make your cutting board a showpiece in your kitchen. Milverton Furniture (milvertonfurniture@bellnet.ca makes an amazing peice!)

  2. Outdoor furniture for your patio: There are so many wasted patios and terraces in the city. There is nothing worse than walking out onto a friends patio, and them having some old run-down furniture. Plastic, wrought iron, teak or wicker— who cares? As daunting as the task may seem, updating your patio furniture is easier than you think. There are many new and improved fabrics and materials available on the market, which makes it easy to find a selection that you will love. Moreover, every store in every city is carrying these new lines of furniture, from Loblaws to Canadian Tire. Take the time. Find something nice. And, buy it!

  3. An Espresso Maker: Steam driven, piston driven, pump driven; automatic, semi-automatic, super-automatic; air pressure, stove top. Yes! There is a lot to learn, but buying a great espresso maker makes a world of difference. For starters, they look great! With many new condo kitchens being open-designs, having interesting pieces is important. But, secondly, having a good cup of coffee for breakfast or for a visitor is fantastic.

  4. Artwork: YUK! Put something on your walls! Walking into a condo with white walls and no art work feels like walking into an institution. I don’t care if it is a $5 piece from Canadian Tire, but put something on those walls.

  5. Built in Closets: What are most condominiums lacking? Storage. Most condominiums do not have enough closet space for one person, let alone a couple. So, maximize space by designing an efficient and space-saving closet. If you are a DIY’er, you can buy nice closets at Ikea, and install them yourself. All major cities have services to build closets for you, and most will come to your condo for a free consultation.

  6. HBO: How else can you watch True Blood and Entourage?

  7. Something antique: Bowling balls, a candelabra, or a old antique desk. Anything old can work. Such items add an element of homeliness and comfort.

  8. Partners desk: Obviously this only applies if you have a partner, but the ability to work directly across from your partner is phenomenal. Working from home can be a drag, however having your partner’s face across you while working is much better than having to work from two separate rooms.

  9. Nice couch: Just finished university, and have an old decrepit couch you are thinking about bringing to your new condo? Ditch it. Condos are small, and couches are large; they are a major item in your condo, and something that everyone will see. Of course, make sure it is comfortable, but also make sure it fits the design of your home.

  10. Entertaining room with no TV. If you don’t have the layout to accomodate for a small room to watch television, then don’t buy a television. Hanging out with friends, and visiting with friends is great; I have no desire to hang out with friends and the television. If I wanted to watch TV, I would stay home.

Think we are missing something? Let us know… info [at] buzzbuzzhome [dot] com.

Matthew Slutsky
President / Founder
BuzzBuzzHome Corp

With contributions by Clifford Peskin.

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