Peter Freed is putting “fashion” back into Toronto’s fashion district

July 8, 2009

Peter Freed’s marketing group has taken advantage of Fashion House condo’s location within fashion district, and created a concept not previously seen in the condominium development industry. Eleven of Canada’s top fashion designers, each designing a floor within the residence — Smythe, Jeremy Laing, Beckerman, Jay Godfrey, Greta Constantine, Joeffer Caoc, Mikhael Kale, Shawn Hewson, of Bustle, Andy Thê-Anh, as well as accessory designers Dean Davidson and Jenny Bird.

Each was given free range to one floor, which includes the 200-square-foot space opposite the elevator and the hallway deisgn in colours pre-selected by the site’s interior designer, Chris Koroknay.

From Runway to Hallway is an interesting concept, and one surely to please purchasers.

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