So I’ll just say I think mobile is really important for real estate and that, right now at least, the iPhone is the most compelling mobile platform for application development.

There was one native real estate iPhone app a year ago. Today there are dozens. I’ve downloaded them all. Some are crappy, but others are truly innovative or useful.

Below, I have highlighted 15 that I find particularly interesting for one reason or another, along with a link to the developer’s site and price. Some rock. Others just suggest promising opportunities for future real estate mobile app development. And a couple illustrate pitfalls app developers would do well to avoid. I have left out the Trulia and Zillow iphone apps because I am assuming most of you are familiar with them at this point.

Nearbuy – Free

This is a nicely designed home search app. Its downfall – like so many sites reliant on scraping, direct broker feeds or other non-IDX sources – is a less-than-full picture of inventory. What good is a beautiful app that can’t show me the listing around the corner from where I stand?

Nonetheless, there are plenty of good design cues to be taken here. I particularly like the idea of color-coding the map pushpins by price range. This allows the user to jump straight to listings around their location while still getting some of the filtering characteristic of what others might call an “advanced” search.

Street Easy -Free

This is a for sale and rental property finder for New York City. What I like about it is the simple design of the property detail screen – everything is easy to spot. A listing history is also displayed for each property, which shows the user price changes and previous listing prices.

The app will also integrate with the user’s account on the StreetEasy website, if he or she has one. This is a great idea that makes it easy to keep saved properties and searches in one place.

Read the original post and see the full list by Brian Boero “15 real estate related iPhone apps you need to check out” at 1000 Watt Consulting (July 30, 2009)

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