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(Source: The Star)

The Toronto Real Estate Board gave an unprecedented “cease and desist” order to a member because he was in violation of user agreements by uploading data without permission, court has heard. “There was concern of a potential exposure of liability for TREB and our members because our clients did not give permission for the use of their listings other than on the TREB website and on the Multiple Listing Service,” TREB president Maureen O’Neill told Justice David Brown in Ontario Superior Court of Justice yesterday.

A suit filed by Toronto realtor Fraser Beach against the organization says his access to the Multiple Listing Service, a database of homes for sale, was shut down in May 2007.
The case is being monitored by the Competition Bureau because Beach alleges the real reason TREB cut off his access was his partnership with BNV Real Estate Inc., a subsidiary of Bell Canada, to introduce a major discount brokerage in Canada.

Read the full article by Tony Wong “Realtor violated listings agency rules, board says” in the Toronto Star (June 25, 2009)

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