(Source: Croatian Times)

A group of swindlers who have been selling real-estate in Zagreb for the last four years has earned more than 10 million kunas or 1.4 million Euros.

Six people had passed themselves off as Zagreb city-government employees and “sold” 100 city flats they hadn’t owned for only 2,000 kunas or 273 Euros per square metre. The group was headed by a 56-year old woman, NovaTV has reported.

Zagreb mayor Milan Bandic, whose signature had been forged on phoney documents, said he was shocked when he heard the scam had been going on for four years. He reported the case to the anti-corruption agency (USKOK) and the state attorney’s office.

Read the full article “Real-estate swindlers take in €1.4 million over four years” in the Croatian Times (June 9, 2009).

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