June 8, 2009

I have always hated seeing the “10 rules of Twitter Etiquette” posted on every blog, but I cannot take it anymore!! I feel that real-estate professionals have the worst Twitter etiquette, and now I must rant about it.

1. Plug moderately — If you’re exclusively using Twitter to plug your blog posts, events, or products, or to ask people to vote for one of your projects on different services, you will lose followers.

Of course, the exception is if you have set up a special-cause account named after your product or service; this has the ability to set a different set of expectations among followers. BuzzBuzzHome mainly promotes blog-updates, but it is a special cause Twitter Account, which people follow to receive such updates.

Please keep business and personal issues separate. Not only will this keep from annoying your current followers, but it will also allow people interested in your projects to stay up to date without getting messages about every aspect of your life. Transparency is vital!

2. Post moderately — Are you really so interesting, that you must post once every 15 minutes? Of course, a situation may arise where this rule gets broken. And, of course, some people ARE just that interesting. But, I have stopped following numerous people for excessive twitter usage, and usually mark it as #unfollowwednesday, even if not Wednesday. Definitely do not twitter more than 25 times a day, unless you are looking to lose followers…

3. Don’t follow people just to gain followers — follow people that interest you, and share similar interests. As a general rule, I will not follow you if your ratio of followers to following is out of whack.

4. Don’t use Auto Messages — YIKES! I hate this. Do not thank me for my follow; do not tell me that you look forward to getting to know me. I know that you do not mean it! I know it is an automatic message. In fact, you will not get to know me, because it guarantees that I will unfollow you immediately.

5. The “Follow / Unfollow” — What is the advantage of having a tonne of followers, if they do not share the same interests as you. Why follow me, only to unfollow me once I follow you??!!? Just working your ratios??

6. Re-Tweet to get more followers — Don’t ask people to re-tweet your desire to get more followers. How often do you see “300 more followers to 1,000. Please help me. Retweet this!! “??? Tweet something of substance, that interests you, and your numbers will grow, and you will get retweeted.

7. Using a service to gain more followers — no comment needed. If you use these services, you are a dorko.

8. Is everyone on Twitter a Social Media Expert? I have a blog, a Twitter account, a Facebook account, and all other accounts, but I am not an expert. Heck, I don’t even know what Social Media means. Is there such a thing as a Social Media Expert? Have you written your PhD on Social Media?

Recently I read a survey that said: ” Two-thirds of marketers who work for organizations that have not used any form of social media marketing or PR consider themselves “very knowledgeable” or “somewhat knowledgeable” about this emerging strategy. Their overconfidence in unproven ability can doom social media initiatives to failure.”


9. No one cares if you are using the microwave — Don’t tweet every little detail of your life. Nevertheless, if you tell people what you are micro-waving, and how it tastes, that might be of interest.

10. SPAM! — Please do not spam the world. I have to go through enough spam in my junk-mail, and hate having to navigate it through Twitter. I am not buying your DVD on wellness, or success.

In the end, determine your voice and speak to that voice. Follow people that interest you, and post about what interests you.

Oh ya.. the unofficial 11th rule…. don’t post these Twitter etiquette blog posts. When I originally thought about posting this, I thought it would be a good idea. In the end, it just got me more frustrated with Twitter, and realized that I don’t fully understand Twitter!

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