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After Seattle, Vancouver and San Francisco, Toronto is next in supporting the car-sharing initiative, which has been proven as a more efficient and less polluting approach to urban driving.

The cities have launched a series of car-sharing benefits by allowing condo developers to reduce their underground parking requirements if they agree to provide on-site spaces for commercial or nonprofit car-sharing companies.

Therefore, Toronto has reviewed the condo parking regulations and moved to a system that would include dedicate spaces for car-sharing services in the parking lots. An IBI Group study conducted in March found that a 250-unit building in Toronto with 16 parking spaces dedicated to car-sharing vehicles could eliminate 47 parking spaces, KickingTires reported.

Another study, conducted by Zipcar, a car-sharing service company, revealed a potential global car-sharing market of more than 37 million members and annual revenues that could top 10 billion dollars.

Read the full article “More Cities to Support Car-Sharing Services” here (June 8, 2009).

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