Layar, the “Augmented reality browser,” was presented this past weekend at the Mobile 2.0 Europe conference in Spain.

This mobile application has got some real buzz going with it’s intro video recently posted to YouTube and now the Mobile 2.0 Europe conference. Layar is an ‘augmented reality browser’, an application that turns you mobile phone’s camera viewer -currently on Android-powered phones and soon the new Apple Iphone 3G S – into a full-fledged information portal and local business search engine. The Layar browser places an information overlay on top of your camera view, bringing digital data of various sorts into play whenever you’re looking at or for something in the real world.

BuzzBuzzHome has been speaking with Raimo van der Klein co-founder of the Layar project about potential applications connecting Layar and real estate within Canada. BuzzBuzzHome is thrilled to be working together with Layar on a project in which new development real estate information is provided to users of this enhanced version of reality. The BuzzBuzzHome layar will be the first such real estate layar in Canada. Layar is currently available only in the Netherlands but will but will arrive in North America this fall.

Right now, most data/map mashups rely on search parameters input by users and display places using year-old aerial or street-level photography. Layar collapses those distances completely. No searching, only finding. No snapshots of the past, only now.

At the moment, real estate search is abstracted from reality – even in an advanced form like the Zillow iPhone app. With something like Layar in the palm of your hand, searching becomes more immediate. You or I could look at a neighborhood through the lens of our mobile phone and see data that tells the story of every home we point at.

Check out this recently posted video of Layar co founder Raimo Van der Klein chatting about and demonstrating this awesome technology.

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