(Source: Canadian Jewish News)

The investment potential of Israeli companies, particularly those of the cutting-edge high-tech variety, is not exactly a closely-guarded secret anymore.

But it turns out there’s another kind of Israeli investment that has done quite well in recent months, holding its value as stock markets around the world tumbled.

Israeli real estate has done better than most other ventures, and it turns out people from around the world see it as a legitimate asset to add to their portfolio. Last weekend, potential investors in Toronto got to view what their counterparts in London, Milan, New York, Johannesburg and Los Angeles have already seen – a spiel by a number of Israeli developers and law firms extolling the virtues of Israeli residential properties.

Israeli real estate firms Ezorim, Gindi Holdings, Dimri Building & Development, Pollock Real Estate and Ashdar Building Company were among the participants at “the largest Israeli real estate exhibition” at the Park Hyatt Hotel.

Read Paul Lungen’s full article “Israeli real estate marketed in Toronto” in the Canadian Jewish News (June 25, 2009).

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