June 23, 2009

What could be more fun than surfing the Internet for cool companies? At BuzzBuzzHome, we love looking at and analyzing cool online companies, and as such we decided that it would be fun to list our top-rated sites and online companies (in no specific order):

1. Zappos! ( — Let me be honest and transparent – the key quality why we love Zappos! – I have never bought a pair of shoes from Zappos!. But, I can assure you that my next pair of shoes, and hopefully all my future shoes, will be purchased from them.


For starters, their great attitude. Check out this amazing blog post telling the story of a recent online customer experience. Not only is it a wicked story, but the customer service representative actually found the blog, and responded to it.

Second, their transparency. As Jerry Tidmore, the “mayor” of Zappos says… “There is no secret to our success, there are no secrets at Zappos.”

Thirdly… well, everything about their culture. It is one cool online company.

2. Hotpads ( — “Location, location, location” combined with a fun and sexy map-based search tool creates one amazing website. From creating their own maps, to their flash technology overlaid on the map, they are a standard to strive towards. They have such an amazing website that they won the 2009 Webby Awards for People’s Choice.

I do not live in the United States, so I cannot speak to the accuracy of their results, but I wish Canada had such a fun search tool for re-sales. I have spent countless hours playing on their maps, trying to determine what makes their map so much fun. The answer is simple, the icons bop-and-dance on the screen!

3. Jing ( — I do not think that BuzzBuzzHome would have been launched yet if it were not for Jing and Microsoft’s Snippet.

Jing is very simple…

(i). Snap a picture of your screen
(ii). Record a video of onscreen actions
(iii). Share over the internet.

Without Jing, we would not have been able to communicate with our many affiliates across borders and streets!

Oh yeah, and it is free!

4. Skype ( — From international conference calls, to simple visual calls with business partners and staff. Nothing beats Skype!

5. Layar ( — Augmented Reality for searching homes and developments has arrived. At BuzzBuzzHome we strongly believe that Layar is the future of real estate searching and acquisition.

Don’t believe us? Watch this video! Personally, while I think the content of the video is amazing, I just love the song! On a conversation with Layar and BuzzBuzzHome on Monday June 22, Layar stated that this video has already been watched over 200,000 times (at least 30 times from BuzzBuzzHome). Amazing!

6. TinyURL ( — How else could we fit so much information in 140 characters, and leave room to boot for RTs!

7. Woopra ( — The newest addition to the BuzzBuzzHome analytics team!

This company is allows for innovative live tracking and analytics, with a rich user-interface and real-time analytics.

In fact, I bought an additional monitor for my computer, so I can watch my live analytics all day long. Reading this? I SEE YOU!

8. Twitter ( — 140 characters that no one will ever read. Who doesn’t love talking to themselves! Twitter has become the new water cooler, for home offices without watercoolers.

9. The Toiletpaper Entrepreneur ( — How could you possibly think of starting a new business without the wisdom and insight of Mike Michalowicz. Again, as with Zappos! above, I cannot lie – I have never read his books, but his blog is an excellent source of information.

There are many more sites that BuzzBuzzHome loves, but those eight are our tops!

The BuzzBuzzHome Team

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