Homeowning women outweigh their renting counterparts by an average of 12 pounds

(Source: Canada.com)

Researchers discovered homeowners, on average, outweighed renters by 12 pounds. In addition to excess weight, female homeowners were also carrying around more aggravation, making less time for leisure, and were less likely to spend time with friends.

“Home ownership can be a much more complex idea than just a straightforward expression of what we call the American dream,” says Grace Wong Bucchianeri, an assistant professor of real estate at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

Research has shown homeowners gain a sense of pride and comfort from having their name on a deed. But Bucchianeri’s study demonstrates that when the data is controlled for a range of variables, including whether the women had children, the difference in contentment between renters and owners vanishes.

Read Misty Harris’ full article “Females who rent weigh less: Survey” in Canada.com (June 15, 2009).

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