(Source: Quad-City Times)

Jim Stopulos turned 92 in May, but he refuses to let age slow him down.

He reports every morning to NAI Ruhl and Ruhl Commercial, where he has been a sales associate for more than 30 years.

There, he reads his e-mail, fields telephone calls and pursues leads on his listings that include the Old Oaks restaurant building on U.S. 67 south of Milan, Ill. With 11,000 square feet on a 5 1/2-acre site, he says it has great potential for office use.

Stopulos approaches real estate with the same confidence and energy he showed during his more than 25 years in the movie theater business and, before that, as a World War II bomber pilot.

“Work is part of my ethic. I worked my way through college,” Stopulos said. “I like to be with people, especially younger people. They are active, and I have to move right with them.”

His enthusiasm has earned him the respect of competitors and colleagues.

Read John Willard’s full story “Even competitors have good things to say about 92-year-old Stopulos” in the Quad-City Times (June 14, 2009).

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