Fraser Beach seeks reinstatement to Toronto Real Estate Board; Competition Bureau monitors case

(Source: The Star)

The Toronto Real Estate Board terminated a member’s access for the first time in its history because the realtor’s website “misappropriated” listing data to build a competing business, a court has been told.

“This was a dramatic event, since it represented a significant change in the way business was being conducted,” TREB lawyer Bill Sasso told Justice David Brown in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice yesterday.

“It was the first time that a member sought to take all residential listing data and republish it and make it available as a website. No one had ever done that before.”

The suit filed by Toronto realtor Fraser Beach alleges his access to the Multiple Listing Service, a database of homes available for sale, was shut down three days after he started his business in May of 2007.

Read Tony Wong’s full article “Denial of MLS data key to landmark suit” in the Toronto Star (June 23, 2009).

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