Do you own General Motors Corp. bonds and live in Canada? Do you have an opinion on the offer you are being made?

(Source: The Financial Post)

Detroit is growing anxious over the possibility that General Motors Corp. could vacate its glass-towered corporate headquarters and leave Motown after the automaker’s chief executive refused to rule out the move.

But what would you then do with seven gleaming skyscrapers housing 5.5 million square feet of office space in one of the most economically depressed cities on the continent?

“We’re looking at, frankly, everything within our business” as we slim down, Fritz Henderson, GM chief executive, told reporters Monday when asked if the company was considering moving from the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit. “We don’t have any such plan. But if we did, it would be motivated by business rationale, which would be cost, efficiency and speed.”

Read Nicolas Van Praet’s full article “What happens to the Motor City if GM drives away?” in the Financial Post (May 11, 2009).

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