My friend Rick says I’ll win this debate if I can sum up the case for Twitter over Facebook in 140 characters. Terrific! I only need 125: 

“Dell and Amazon sell goods via Twitter. Tweeps find homes and jobs and create companies. Businesses don’t depend on Facebook.”

(Source: The Motley Fool)

Let’s break this down further. Twitter is emerging as a powerful platform for business because it’s expansive; it introduces you to new people, rather than merely reconnecting you with the folks you already know. I love my family, but finding them on Facebook isn’t likely to get me more business, nor sell me what I need.

In Twitter, profitable connections occur all the time. For his forthcoming book Twitterville, author Shel Israel has chronicled the story of a man buying a house in New Hampshire via a conversation that began on Twitter. A Toronto-area fundraiser collected $25,000 for charity thanks to Twitter. Micropayment systems such as TwitPay and Tipjoy are taking hold in the Twitterverse, threatening to transform Twitter into the world’s cheapest real-time garage sale — and in the process supplant eBay (Nasdaq: EBAY), (Nasdaq: OSTK), and Craigslist.

Read Tim Beyers full account “Twitter Beats Facebook in 140 Characters” from the Motley Fool (May 18, 2009).

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