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Canadian first-time home buyers are a cautious lot, but they will strike if the price is right.

While the economy remains a huge concern, lower prices and interest rates are spurring them to buy in the spring market, according to a report released yesterday by Royal LePage Real Estate Services.

According to a poll by Pollara Research, done for Royal LePage, 86 per cent of Canadians say lower interest rates make them more likely to buy a home. Eighty-one per cent say lower prices are another motivating factor.

But the economy remains a stumbling block, with 76 per cent citing job security and 64 per cent saying a stable economy are important factors in their buying decisions.

“The true impact of job loss is understated because, beyond the 8 per cent unemployment rate, you have a section of the population who are concerned about their jobs, and that is feeding into their choice to buy a home,” Royal LePage CEO Phil Soper said in an interview.

Read Tony Wong’s full article “Low home prices lure first-time buyers” in YourHome.com (May 27, 2009).

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