A frustrated seller who has had her Toronto house on the market for more than a month has a message for buyers:

“Be realistic,” she pleads in an e-mail this week.

This homeowner is irked because she hasn’t received a single offer despite the fact that her house is in move-in condition in downtown Bickford Park. She avoids being home when prospective buyers come through but she has asked visiting agents for feedback and they assure her it “shows” very well.

“Buyers seem hesitant to move and are waiting to see what else may come on the market.”

So, even amidst the rejuvenation of the spring market, it seems stand-offs are still occurring. Buyers and sellers both importune those on the other side of the transaction to be more realistic.

Buyers want to feel that they are getting a deal when their agents show them what comparable houses have sold for in the past couple of years. Some are holding out for Miami-style sell-offs.

Read the full article by Carolyn Ireland “Prices have dropped, but Toronto is not Miami” in the Globe and Mail (April 24, 2009).

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