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During the housing boom, more than 500 million pounds of possibly defective Chinese drywall was imported to the U.S. According to the Associated Press, that was enough material to build around 100,000 homes. The Chinese drywall was likely used throughout the country, and it could be years before the true scale of the problem is known.

Chinese drywall reportedly emits sulfur fumes that produce a “rotten eggs” odor and cause metals, such as air conditioning coils, to corrode. The fumes have also been associated with respiratory and sinus problems in some residents. In some homes, the drywall problems have been so severe that families have had to move, and some builders have begun gutting and replacing drywall in the buildings. 

Read the full article “Chinese Drywall Problem Far Reaching” in NEWSInferno.com (April 14, 2009).

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