March 30, 2009

The San Francisco Chronicle is known to paint a drab story of the local real estate market.

It therefore caught the attention of BuzzBuzzHome to see the San Francisco Chronicle (in the article “Bargain home prices attract investors, novices“)┬áreport on positive movement in the market.

As per the Chronicle, the Bay Area median price is roughly $300,000 and therefore with the median income of the Bay Area being $80,000, one can now buy a median price house.

Carolyn Said, author of the story, says “despite a tattered economy and grim real estate market, every month more than 5,000 people buy a house in the Bay Area.”

Could this be a sign that the end of the rough times are near in San Fran? In any event, looks like this is a good time for the first-time home buyer or investor.

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