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CDL Works with Leading Experts Worldwide to Seize Opportunities in China

Dr. William Yip, chairman of Canada Land Limited (ASX:CDL), a publicly traded Chinese real estate development firm, today announced plans to establish the CDL China Real Estate Opportunity Fund to invest in distressed Chinese real estate and other unique real estate opportunities in Greater China.

CDL intends to develop investment funds in the future that will seek to exploit the current correction in the Greater China real estate market in order to achieve maximum long-term gains.

“The current global economic downturn and numerous fundamentals have set the stage for one of the most lucrative investment opportunities in recent years and in the history of Chinese real estate,” said Dr. Yip, chairman of the fund and a world-renowned author and international businessman known in academic and business circles as an authority. “We believe that capitalizing on the current correction in Chinese real estate requires extensive market analysis and due diligence as well as a focus on quality over quantity, an investment strategy that’s weighted toward multi-family, multi-tier residential developments, and an ability to leverage strong relationships with Chinese government authorities and the local real estate community. To that end, we will work with a group of seasoned investment professionals and our preferred real estate services provider, Colliers International.

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